European Schuko CEE7/7 Power lead to Free end  2 meters Black

European Schuko CEE7/7 Power lead to Free end 2 meters Black

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6 Amp Rated
Approvals: VDE
Fully Moulded Schuko plug to free end Stripped 50/6  
Mcc Part no. STK431-7


A standard European mains power cable, used for powering items such as PC’s, monitors, TV’s etc. This lead is commonly used by businesses who manufacture and need a cable to wire into their products.

This cable is used in many European Countries, but not all.  Please check that this cable is used in the country that you require it for before purchasing.  If you are unsure, feel free to contact us to double check.

Conforms to VDE

This power lead must be wired by a qualified person.                                                                                            

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