European Schuko PLUG  to 4 WAY UK Travel Adaptor
European Schuko PLUG  to 4 WAY UK Travel Adaptor

European Schuko PLUG to 4 WAY UK Travel Adaptor

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Fuse rating: 13 Amps
Approvals: UK socket. BS1363/A. Schuko plug, KEMA KEUR
Mcc Part no. STKMISC


European - 4 way UK Travel Adaptor


This 4 way travel adaptor is a great way to charge up, or power multiple items from just 1 European socket.

This cable is fitted with a CEE7/7 plug, which is a highbred of both the French & Belgium and German plug, in one.  this means that this adaptor can be used in most European countries, but not all, so please check before purchasing.

This products comes with 2 meters of cable and is rated at 13 amps total output, so can be used to power the more heavy duty appliances, unlike most cheap travel adaptors which are only rated at 7.5 amps.

Do not exceed the total power amperage of this product.

This product is made of fully approved components, it is then PAT tested on our calibrated Clare tester and finally fitted with a tamper proof tested sticker


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