UK 5 AMP Plug on 2 Meters of 3 Core 0.75mm² cable to Bare end

UK 5 AMP Plug on 2 Meters of 3 Core 0.75mm² cable to Bare end

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5 Amp fused
Approvals: ASTA   BS1363/A
Fully Moulded UK Plug
Cable Specs: HO5VV-F3X0.75mm² Cable stripped 50/6 mm
Mcc Part no. STK133-7


As well as being used for new appliances, this cable can be used to replace a damaged cable on an appliance.  This lead is fitted with a 5 amp fuse and on 0.75mm² cable, so would be suitable for lighter duty applications, such as lamps, fans, LED TV's, PC's etc.

Wiring this cable to an appliance should only be done by a qualified professional.


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